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How Does Getting a Same Day Crown Work?

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At Paradise Dental, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience for any dental procedure you need. We understand that you might not have enough time to come back to the dentist for multiple appointments even for something like a dental crown. At our innovative dental office in Salem, MA we are offering same day crowns.

CEREC Technology

With our CEREC technology, we can offer single-visit tooth restorations. If you lose a tooth or part of a tooth a change in your bite alignment can happen which will negatively affect your dental health. Using CEREC technology we can customize your crown in one appointment right in our office.

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic and the machine uses computer aids/assistants to restore any damage on your teeth. This machine can give you a more natural looking smile where you wouldn’t even know that the tooth isn’t yours. These teeth are made to last and will be able to be used just like your natural teeth.

How CEREC works

If your dentist suggests getting a crown from our CEREC machine because of tooth decay, you may have to go under a local anaesthetic before the tooth is prepared. All the tooth decay will be removed and then your tooth will be prepared to be able to support the crown. Next, the CEREC machine will take an optical impression of your teeth and transform those impressions into digital images. CEREC machine uses the computer-assisted design and computer-aided manufacturing to form a 3D rendering of the crown. From those 3D renderings, your teeth will be color matched to match the rest of your teeth. Then your tooth is made, polished, and placed in the mouth.

What are the benefits of the CEREC machine?

Other than you get your crown in one visit to the dentist, there are other benefits from getting a crown from our CEREC machine:

  • Comfort. Since you will be getting your crown during the same dental appointment, you won’t need a temporary crown which can inflame and irritate your gums.
  • Look. Our technology makes crowns with the highest quality materials and will match your crown to the same color of your other teeth. They will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.
  • Strength. Unlike traditional materials that were used to make crowns, the materials that the CEREC requires is cutting edge which is stronger than what was used before. This will give you stronger teeth that are longer lasting.

Do you Need a Crown?

If you need a crown, come to Paradise Dental in Salem, MA for our cutting-edge technology to give you back your smile. To schedule a consultation, you can contact us online or for immediate assistance call us at 781-780-2246.

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Forever B.
I couldn't love Paradise Dental more! High tech, new facility with super friendly staff. Cindy is my hygienist and she is just awesome. Also, there hours are perfect for people who work full time! My appointment was at 7pm last night! Who loves their dentist???? This girl
Marc C.
First Class Facility. Modern equipment. Professional service. This is what I have come to expect from Drs' Steve and Helyne and their entire staff.
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It's the fanciest dentist I have ever been to. I really like the moisturizing heated hand treatment they offer while you're getting your teeth cleaned. They have lots of other little extras that make this place stand out above the rest. The cleaning and exam were pretty typical, but no complaints. I'm always wary of getting advice to replace fillings when they aren't bothering me, but that didn't happen.
Jeff G.
Great experience as always!!! State of the art office with a friendly and professional staff. I would not trust any other practice with my dental care.
Shelley K.
My first visit consisted of a consultation with Dr, Helyne Hamelburg whom I found to be very calm and relaxing as I am not a fan of any dental procedure. I will be having gum surgery in a few weeks and am actually not fearing the procedure which I have been putting off for years. Office is certainly state of the art which I had never experienced anything like it. Glad she was recommended to me by another Doctor who knew she would be a good fit for me.
John C.
The providers, hygienists, the entire staff are wonderful. I can't recommend them enough. They are efficient, courteous, and the office is inviting. I never thought I would say this about a dental office, but I get relaxed there. You get treated like your the only patient they have.
Jessica O.
Amazing! Accommodating! you can express your fears and they will help you avoid/overcome them! Would recommend them to everyone! oh! and the best part, they have all the state of the art equipment to make the visit fast, painless and less frequent appointments!
Barbara G.
The Dr.'s are professional and are well educated on the newest, cutting edge dental techniques. My whole family benefits from their expertise!
Paul M.
Always a great experience! Everyone is nice and friendly and make the visit very pleasant. They are always very professional and provide superb dental care.

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